International resort island approved for Hengqin

China’s State Council has recently approved the plan submitted by Hengqin to develop an island of 106.4 square kilometers with international resorts.

According to the approval, the administration of Hengqin can utilize its land and territorial waters for the development.

The plan of transforming Hengqin into an international leisure and tourism island was approved in principle by the State Council. Along with the approval is the definition of Hengqin’s territorial waters.

The State Council requires Hengqin to  develop the island abiding to the latest instructions given by the Chinese Communist Party. In addition, it should be developed in such a way that it follows the central strategy for development of the Greater Bay Area.

For example, the island should also help to drive the diversification of Macau’s economy, the approval document notes.

In the course of the development, Hengqin must adhere to a series of guiding instructions given by the Central Government.

The tourism industry welcomes the approval. Online travel agency Ctrip of China expects the approval to further invigorate the tourism industry of Hengqin.

Hengqin Island is the largest of the 146 islands under the administration of Zhuhai. Its size is three times that of Macau. Staff reporter

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