Ip Sio Kai greenlighted for rules committee

Government appointed lawmaker Ip Sio Kai has become the newest member of the Legislative Assembly’s (AL) Committee of Rules and Mandates, succeeding Kou Hoi In, who left the position to become the President of the Legislative Assembly.
Despite the fact that the AL approved Ip’s appointment yesterday,
Lawmaker Sulu Sou voted against Ip’s appointment, though was unsuccessful in blocking it. Sou and José Pereira Coutinho were the only lawmakers who asked Ip questions about his role in the house. Coutinho, along with democrat peers Au Kam San and Ng Kuok Cheong, voted against Ip’s appointment.
Sou raised questions regarding Ip’s views on matters such as the opening of AL standing committee’s meetings, as well as the meetings of the Committee of Rules and Mandates. He also raised questions about the reasons behind the choice of Ip as the candidate. “On what grounds did he get selected among more than 20 [lawmakers]?” Sou asked.
Even though Sou’s questions were, in part, directed to Ip, AL Chairman Kou Hoi In did not have Ip answer Sou’s question. Kou declared that all members of the Committee of Rules and Mandates chose and support Ip.
After Sou’s insisting that Ip answer his questions, Kou invited Ip to respond. Ip made general political statements, saying he will contribute to the AL’s institutional development and operations, and also remarked that he was not answering any specific person’s question; he was simply talking about his personal feeling.
Sou asked Ip to give him more reasons to vote for him. However, Kou rejected Sou’s request, deeming it unnecessary for Ip to further express his opinions. JZ

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