Japan minister hopes for AI cooperation with Macau

Chief Executive Chui Sai On met with Japan’s minister of state for special missions, Satsuki Katayama, on Tuesday, who is also a member of the upper house of Japan.

The officials discussed cooperation in areas such as business, tourism, culture, education, construction and infrastructure, as well as environmental protection.

The position of minister for special missions has been set up by the Japanese government to cover areas that had not yet been administered by existing ministerial positions. Katayama, for example, is responsible for regional regeneration, legislative reform and gender equality.

Katayama noted that Macau and Japan have maintained a very good relationship in recent decades.

She is also exploring cooperation between the two jurisdictions in the implementation of technology in daily life.

She explained that Japan has an ageing population. The Japanese government is working to improve aged care by employing artificial intelligence. She is aware of Macau’s effort in building a smart city, so she believes the two jurisdictions can have more exchange.

In response, the CE expressed his desire for further cooperation. Meanwhile, there are quite a number of Japanese investments in Macau, the CE pointed out. AL

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