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Japanese Decadence 

One of the most exciting new openings in town,
Zuicho is the first branch of decorated Japanese kappo restaurant at Grand Lisboa Palace Resort Macau. With a focus on immersive and interactive Japanese gastronomy, it is the brand’s first restaurant outside Hong Kong, introducing diners to an elevated  experience, featuring well-honed, diverse culinary techniques imparted from traditional masters. 

Literally meaning ‘to cut and to cook’, the origins of “kappo” can be traced back to Japan’s Edo period. A form of high-end Japanese dining, kappo emphasises the interaction between diner and chef, with a wide variety of dishes masterfully prepared in an open kitchen and served right in front of the guest. Likewise, guests are welcomed into Zuicho’s dining space with a sophisticated nine-metre-long countertop centrepiece made of 350-year-old hinoki, Japanese cypress. Crafted by artisans who have worked for the Japanese royal family, the counter now serves as centre stage for artisans of the epicurean kind, where the chef will display their technical and sensory prowess for diners to observe and interact with throughout their multi-sensory meal. For a more intimate, private dining experience, Zuicho also offers the option of a private dining room.

Zuicho at Grand Lisboa Palace is committed to pursuing authenticity. By meticulously selecting the freshest premium ingredients flown in directly from Japan, Zuicho guarantees only the most exquisite omakase kappo experience. The seasonal menu draws from a well of culinary expertise, featuring Japanese delicacies such as sushi, sashimi, steamed and grilled dishes, hotpot, rice dishes and more; a testament to the exacting standards of food preparation and quality within the kappo tradition. Aside from the restaurant’s signature dishes, such as cutlet fillet and sukiyaki made with the famous Kagoshima Satsuma Wagyu beef, sea urchin and taro seaweed roll, and takikomi rice with seasonal seafood; the multi-course menu features chef’s recommendations tailored to showcase the best in-season ingredients. No gourmet journey is complete without a well-paired drink, and Zuicho boasts a beverage list of world-class sake and wine, as well as traditional Japanese tea, whisky and beer.

Helming the culinary team is Head Chef Yoshinori Kinomoto, an Osakan native with over 28 years of experience in Japanese cuisine. In addition to Tokyo and Osaka, Chef Kinomoto has long been based in Ishikawa, a prefecture home to abundant seafood and where he further polished his keen sense for the seasonality of sea produce. His insightful experience in preparing fish promises a wide variety of creative, fresh maritime flavours to come for Zuicho. Proficient in numerous cooking methods, especially kaiseki and edomae sushi, Chef Kinomoto carefully curates the order and serving time of every dish in the menu, creating a personal Zuicho experience for every diner with great culinary know-how and hospitality.

Zuicho in Hong Kong was awarded one Michelin star in its first year of operation in 2021 and became the region’s first traditional kappo restaurant with the prestigious honour. Now in Grand Lisboa Palace, it will continue to uphold premium dining standards, striving to delight Japanese cuisine aficionados who are looking for the finest in town.

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