Jiangnan and Cantonese wonders 

Chef Jack Yu

Spring is finally here and The Ritz-Carlton Macau is inviting Chef Jack Yu to bring Jiangnan flavours to its Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant Lai Heen. He will partner with Executive Chef Jackie Ho to design an interactive spectacle that represents the best of Cantonese and Jiangnan cuisines. From March 18 to 20, the menu will provide enthusiasts with an experience that showcases the extraordinary techniques and creativity of two acclaimed Chinese chefs.

Chef Jackie Ho

Originally from Hangzhou, Chef Jack Yu has an illustrious career spanning three decades, and has served as executive chef and culinary consultant for an array of esteemed dining establishments around the country. Today he is best known as the helmer of Jie Xiang Lou restaurant at Seven Villas Resort Hangzhou. It is regarded as one of the city’s top restaurants and has been awarded the prestigious Black Pearl One Diamond by the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide for three consecutive years.

Chef Yu’s À-la-carte Menu boasts some of the most iconic dishes in his repertoire. The Pomegranate Dumpling Stuffed with Parma Ham, Mushroom and Bamboo Shoot, includes a combination of fresh, premium ingredients and encasing them inside thin tofu sheets. The result is a pomegranate-shaped morsel that packs an incredible slew of texture and umami inside its bitesize body. Meanwhile, the Steamed Crab with Marinated Tender Rib—featuring Hangzhou crab, Shaoxing wine and Ningbo spareribs marinated in rice wine lees—is a celebration of classic ingredients and delicacies from Zhejiang province. Steamed in chicken fat, the dish is divinely aromatic and flavourful, making it one of the must-haves on the menu. Additional highlights include appetisers such as the Passion Fruit Flavoured Crispy Eel and the Sea Snail in Spicy Wine Sauce, and the entrée Hangzhou Style Fried Potato with Carrot and Mixed Vegetables.

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