John Mo sentenced to six years for sexual assault

John Mo, the former dean of the Law Faculty of the University of Macau (UM), has been found guilty of sexually assaulting a mainland female student in 2018, and has been sentenced by the Court of Second Instance to six years imprisonment.
Mo will also be required to pay MOP100,000 to the victim, a university student currently enrolled in another university, as compensation for the mental damage he caused to her.
The Court of Second Instance ruled that Mo sexually assaulted the victim, who had lost consciousness and was thus unable to resist Mo’s actions at the time.
Although Mo, the defendant, had not been charged for this particular crime, the court said it had the right to alter the term of the charge, as this violation, with a lower degree of penalty, was in line with the legal interests of the previous charge against Mo, being the rape charge.
In February 2019, the Court of First Instance acquitted Mo of the rape charge in the case. This prompted the Public Prosecutions Office, which disagreed with the verdict, to appeal to the Court of Second Instance.
The other two suspects, who were also present during the incident, were convicted of not intervening to save the victim. The second suspect was sentenced to five months in prison and three years’ probation, while the third was sentenced to a 30-day fine.

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