Taste of Edesia

Journey of wonders

For those who are into exceptional meats, fresh seafood, as well as the magic of woodfire grill and teppanyaki, MGM Cotai’s Grill 58 is the place to be. Harnessing the Japanese culture with meticulous skills, a guided teppan counter dining experience peaks interest with an engaging and interactive experience at Teppanyaki 58. This month, white truffle is in season and the team at the restaurant presents a special menu that pairs the earthy flairs of white truffle with umami characteristics of the sea.

After the amuse bouche, Chef’s Special Temaki thrills the senses with caviar and toro, a luxurious and sumptuous beginning. Chawanmushi is a dish where the purity and splendour of white truffle, and uni are on full display. Kochi Nasu combines Japanese eggplant with white Truffle and gold leaf. Appreciated for its high water content, the eggplant is exceptionally delicious even by itself, yet white truffles elevate the taste even more with its aroma. Throughout the menu, multiple courses of seafoods, meats and vegetables are prepared by highly skilled chefs that

epitomises the amalgamation of flavours and creativity. Last but not least, wine lovers will be delighted with choices of over 4,000 wine labels, which complements the gastronomic journey of wonders. 

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