June 4 organizer files judicial appeal

With lawmaker and member Au Kam San as representative, the Macau Union for Democratic Development has filed an appeal with the top court against the police’s ban of the June 4 vigil.
The Public Security Police Force issued a dispatch to the group last week announcing the ban, on the grounds of legal breach and epidemic control.
According to the law, the Court of Final Appeal must issue a judgement within five days. Au noted this means that the court must have a decision on or before June 3. Even if the appeal is not allowed, the group will move the vigil to an indoor venue.
In his appeal letter submitted to the court, Au recalled that the Tiananmen Incident in 1989 ended with the People’s Liberation Army clearing the site. He stressed that people were aware of what had occurred during the event.
Furthermore, he said, “This cannot be covered merely by a resolution of the National People’s Congress’s Standing Committee or a report by the State Council.” He added that the framing and meaning of the incident has often changed as political conditions did.
The change of the gauge, according to Au, was to a certain extent the result of the government addressing public opinions, as they did not align with its own opinions or views.
“So to speak, the demand of vindicating the [facts of the] incident should not be considered violating the law even if it goes against the resolution or decision of the government,” Au said. He stressed that the “reputation, prestige and credibility” of the Central Government is embodied by the inclusion of various opinions. AL

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