Kenyan athletes return to Macau runs for the 10K

Pun Weng Kun

Two Kenyan runners will take part in the 2023 Sands China Macao International 10K event due to occur this Sunday morning.

The two athletes, one in the male category and another in the female category, are participating in the event by invitation of the Sports Bureau (ID), the president of ID, Pun Weng Kun, told the media on the sidelines of the event’s press conference launch yesterday.

“We have invited some athletes to come to Macau, namely from Kenya and from the mainland. From Kenya we have one male and one female athlete,” Pun said, noting there are several athletes from different countries listed who have registered for the event.

According to the same official, local athletes account for around 60% of the total runners, the remaining 40% hailing from 37 countries and regions.

In his speech, the ID president also noted the competition route of the event covers “many scenic spots along the coastline of Macau, including Sai Van Lake Square, Kun Iam Ecumenical Center, Macao Science Center and Sai Van Bridge, among others. It will allow the participants, while enjoying the fun of the race, enjoy also the fascinating scenery along the way and experience the city’s charm through running.”

He added he hopes the athletes, after the race, “can also experience Macau’s unique tourism attractions and try the local food as a way to create a synergy between sports and tourism and to boost the development of other industries.”

The competition is offering some MOP700,000 in total prize money to the winners of the different races, which have starting signals planned for 7 a.m. Sunday (Fun Race) and 7.30 a.m., when the main 10K race will commence.

The run starts at the Sai Van Lake Square, next to Macau Tower, and has the Macau Olympic Stadium in Taipa as a finish line, which is why the ID has called on the population to pay attention to the traffic arrangements during the event.

Wilfred Wong

During the press conference, the president of Sands China Limited (Sands), Wilfred Wong, also noted Sands is committed to the development of local sports as well as the development of Macau as a major sporting events destination, expressing hope the 10K will also have positive effects on this part.

He also noted that Sands is “leading by example,” and has organized over 250 team members to participate in both the Fun Run and 10K events as part of the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, Sands has also invited the Macau Special Olympics and the Richmond Fellowship of Macau to participate in the event to raise public awareness of disabled athletes and promote inclusion.

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