Kiang Wu Hospital development plan approved

Kiang Wu Hospital’s plan to rebuild its current outpatient building has been approved by the government.

The plan includes the demolition, reconstruction and expansion of the hospital’s existing facilities. The current outpatient building will be rebuilt into a new outpatient facility, which will eventually be expanded with the additional space provided by the current nursing school. Meanwhile, the school will be relocated to the Island Hospital, which is now under construction.

Director of the hospital Ma Hok Cheung explained to the media that the new nursing school building is expected to be completed at the end of the year. The hospital will need half a year to customize the interior and install the required equipment.

The hospital has just upgraded its electronic services. Last year, the medical service provider issued a service registration platform incorporated into the Bank of China (Macau) mobile app. A total of 95,000 people have registered to use the platform to date.

The upgraded channel, which takes the form of a new mobile app, is capable of providing nine types of services, including consultation registration, queuing condition, medical report viewing and user comment collection. Each medical report is available for a limited time. A new application is required to view an expired report. Staff reporter

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