Kou Hoi In dreams of making Macau an underground city

The Chairman of the Legislative Assembly (AL), Kou Hoi In, has dreams of making Macau an underground city.
During yesterday’s public consultation on the Urban Master Plan 2020-2040, Kou made a remark at the end of the session and presented his two ideals for Macau’s urban development
He proposed that the government consider carrying out underground work to accommodate some of the city’s services and in the process make the city more spacious.
His other ideal is to surround the Macau Peninsula with a single unbroken walking system.
“I have two unrealistic dreams. One is to build a road completely surrounding Macau; the other is to transform Macau into a vertical city by using the underground [space],” said Kou, citing examples of work done in Japan and China’s Guangzhou Province.
Kou imagines the underground to be a city instead of a small section that is used as a transportation hub. If the underground city were to be built, it would leave the city with conditions to renew its current buildings as well as the area above ground.
He believes that if the city can dig 14 meters down to build facilities for the LRT, it is possible to expand the entire underground space.
Responding to the AL chairman, Rosario said that he will present the idea to the Chief Executive. However, he admitted that “it is really difficult for me to answer you” regarding this idea.

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