Lawmaker requests alcohol control law timetable

Lawmaker Lam Lon Wai has submitted an inquiry to the government requesting a timetable for legislation on alcohol age control.

Lam cited a survey conducted in 2018 which determined that 21.7% of youths have consumed alcohol, about 1.3 percentage points more than in 2016.

Lam also cited survey findings that indicate the vast majority of local youth who go out at night, and to night clubs specifically, have alcohol abuse habits, with the youngest aged only 14 years old.

Lam highlighted that Macau is one of the few regions in the world where regulation relating to an age restriction on the purchase of alcohol does not exist. According to Lam, such regulation is urgently required within Macau.

In addition to asking for alcohol control legislation, Lam also requested tighter regulations on beer and wine consumption.

He asked the government whether it will consider lifting the exemption of beer and wine from consumption tax, and whether it will levy a special tax on alcoholic beverages.

Previously, in 2018, Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Alexis Tam said that the government will consult local residents in 2019 in respect to alcohol control legislation. JZ

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