Lawmakers’ agenda

Lei Chan U wants LRT to include Nam Van and Sai Van

Lawmaker Lei Chan U has urged the local government to reconsider sections of the Light Rapid Transit (LRT) at Nam Van and Sai Van.
In his interpellation to the government, Lei argued that the two lines will only require the construction of a few bridges and that the remainder of the sections would be tunnels under lakes.
Lei believes that the aforementioned design will be able to minimize the sections’ negative impact upon or damage to the environment and world heritage.

Leong Sun Iok asks about gaming industry prospects

Lawmaker Leong Sun Iok has questioned the government regarding the future of the gaming industry, and employment protection.
In his interpellation to the government, Leong sought answers from the government regarding its policies and measures on reinforcing the gaming industry, protecting employment and creating more jobs for local residents.
Leong hopes the aforementioned matters will be considered by the government before making decisions on the next gaming concession.

Mak Soi Kun complains about problematic pipeline system

Lawmaker Mak Soi Kun has recommended that the local government take care of the problem of “tangled pipes”.
In his interpellation to the government, Mak pointed out a situation in which the installation of pipes and hoses in some buildings in Macau have been altered, resulting in safety issues, in addition to other problems. Mak wants the government to regulate the issue to prevent viruses from spreading through the pipes and hoses.

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