Legislature by-election to be held Nov 24

The government announced yesterday that a Legislative Assembly (AL) by-election is to be held on November 24 this year.

Chief Executive Chui Sai On has appointed an Electoral Affairs Commission to supervise the election. It consists of six members: Judge Tong Hio Fong of the Court of Second Instance, Prosecutor Lai U Hou, President of the Municipal Affairs Bureau José Maria da Fonseca Tavares, Director Kou Peng Kuan of the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau, Director Iong Kong Leong of the Financial Services Bureau and Victor Chan Chi Ping of the Government Information Bureau.

The budget for the election campaign for each candidate is set to about MOP3.55 million.

According to the law, the vacancy of an elected lawmaker who has departed from their position should be filled within 180 days of the official departure date.

This by-election became necessary as former president Ho Iat Seng, who was also an indirectly elected lawmaker, resigned from his positions on July 5, so as to prepare for the Chief Executive election.

As a result, a vacancy exists in the legislature. Ho was elected to the AL representing the business sector.

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