Live poultry imports ban in place until outbreak identified

Live poultry imports to Macau remain suspended until local authorities discover the cause of an influenza outbreak across the border.

President of the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau José Tavares told the press that, due to a mechanism in place, they still need to find the cause of the out-
break in cooperation with mainland authorities before reaching a consensus.

“We also have to consider ways to enhance quarantine in the future before we resume live poultry supply,” he noted.

Tavares also revealed that money is yet to be paid to the city’s wholesale market over the latest culling, as cited in a TDM report.

The current ban on poultry imports is the government’s effort to reduce the risk of introducing bird flu in the territory.

The suspension of live poultry imports, which commenced in early February, is the longest period of suspension in recent years.

In mainland China, the continued outbreak of avian influenza has caused at least 161 deaths since October 2016.

This is the second time in 2017 that Macau has suspended its live poultry trade in response to a bird flu report. On January 26, Macau suspended the live poultry trade for three days.

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