Local resident found lifeless during mountain run


The Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) is following up on the local resident who passed away while on the Kailas Mountain Training Running Competition in Zhuhai.
The deceased man was reportedly found lifeless on the mountain early yesterday.
The family members of the resident have travelled to Zhuhai.
“The MGTO paid close attention to the incident, extended condolences to the family members, and kept in touch with the family members to provide appropriate assistance,” the bureau stated.
The tourism bureau received a request for assistance from a citizen who claimed that a Macau resident who participated in the Kailas Mountain Training Running Competition in Zhuhai on Sunday had lost contact with his peers. The resident said that he had contacted the event organizer and the authorities in the local area.
The cause of death of the resident is still unknown.
On Sunday, 21 people running the mountain ultramarathon died in northwestern China after hail, freezing rain and gale-force winds hit the high-altitude race.
The participants were reportedly racing on an extremely narrow mountain path at an altitude reaching 2,000 to 3,000 meters.

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