Local unis offer Macau students in Hong Kong study opportunities

Seven local universities have expressed their willingness to “assist” excellent Macau students who are studying in Hong Kong.

Recently, due to the protests in Hong Kong, local universities, such as the University of Macau (UM) and the Polytechnic Institute of Macao (IPM), have extended a welcoming gesture to Macau students who are studying in Hong Kong, offering to enroll them in the local schools.

The schools’ offers apply to students from Macau who are currently studying at higher education institutions in Hong Kong and who wish to return to Macau to study.

UM will provide full assistance to make sure that these students’ studies are not discontinued. The university will immediately provide different forms of assistance in view of individual circumstances, such as arranging for students to audit the classes, giving them access to learning resources, or arranging faculty tutoring.

However, as of today, no news has been reported or posted online about any of those Macau students’ desire to study in local schools or even return to Macau. These schools have nevertheless expressed their willingness to help.

The seven schools consist of UM, IPM, Macao University of Science and Technology, City University of Macau, Macao Institute for Tourism Studies, St. Joseph University, and Macau Kiang Wu nursing school. JZ

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