Local workers bemoan bonus conditions as confidence drops

Local employees continue to find their bonus packages among the biggest sources of workplace dissatisfaction, according to the 13th Macao Employee Confidence and Satisfaction Index 2019 by the Macau University of Science and Technology.

This survey interviewed 905 full-time local Macau employees aged above 16 years. It includes an employee confidence index and an employee satisfaction index.

Overall confidence this year decreased 0.3 percent compared to that of 2018. In turn, a 6.8 percent increase, 4.2 percent decrease, and a 3.4 percent decrease have been recorded with respect to confidence in the employment market, confidence in their company, and confidence in themselves, respectively.

Regarding satisfaction, 1.5 percent overall growth has been registered. Furthermore, a 0.1 percent decrease, 3.1 percent increase, 2.4 percent decrease, and a 5.1 percent increase have been determined in respect to satisfaction in work treatment, in work quality, in personal development, and in work stability, respectively.

The highest confidence and satisfaction indexes concern the chances of continuous employment in one year, whereas the least confident and least satisfactory indexes concern the likelihood of being promoted in one year and of receiving rewards.

Workers also have little confidence in the likelihood of getting a salary increase within the next year.  Moreover, they are dissatisfied with both their salaries and with the support they gain from their management when they voice a suggestion.

The respondents are confident in their relationship with their colleagues, as well as in the future of their company. They are also highly satisfied with job protection and with the experience they acquire from their current work.

Approximately 248 respondents work for the gaming industry, 106 of whom are dealers.

Overall, dealers showed lower confidence and satisfaction across all kinds of indexes, such as confidence in the employment market. 

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