LRT company expects passenger increase with the opening of two new lines

The Macao Light Rapid Transit Corporation, Limited (LRT Company) believes that the number of passengers using this transport system will increase after the opening of the Seac Pai Van and Hengqin Lines, planned to happen this year, the company told the Times in response to an inquiry on the topic.

“It is believed that the number of passengers will also increase after the opening of the Seac Pai Van Line and Hengqin Line,” the company said, noting that “the number of passengers of LRT Taipa Line increased after the opening of Barra Station.”

The company refused to advance a forecast on the expected number of passengers that the LRT would carry on a monthly or daily basis after the opening of the two new lines.

Questioned on the same topic, the Transport Bureau had not responded to the Times by time of publication.

Last month, during a meeting of the Islands District Community Advisory Board, member Wong Leong Kuan called for an early commencement of operations of the Seac Pai Van Line.

Wong noted this link will be extremely important for people living in Coloane, as it will facilitate travelling to the Peninsula, through the Barra terminal.

She also added that this connection will make traveling to the recently opened Islands Hospital Complex much faster and more convenient.

The council member said she considers the opening of this line a very important matter that will significantly improve the lives of a large number of people now living in the area of Seac Pai Van in both the public and private estates.

On the other hand, members of the “People’s Alliance for the Construction of Macau” (Aliança de Povo de Instituição de Macau) believe that this line will not be popular among those living in the area as the Seac Pai Van LRT station is located a considerable distance from the residential area.

In an interview published by Macao Daily News newspaper, a leader of the association said, “Only the Lok Kuan (public housing) and Praia Park buildings (private housing), are close enough to be served by the station entrance, for the other residents they will need to walk a considerable distance.”

The same official also noted that the station service is not complemented by any public bus routes, a fact that makes her think most residents, especially the elderly, will continue to opt for the buses.

As for the Hengqin Line, the government has said on several occasions during the construction of the line that it had planned to supply only four-car trains on this line, which can transport around 476 people each.

It was also stated that the frequency of the trains should be intervals of 6 to 7 minutes, which would give this line the capacity of transporting, on average, around 8,000 people per hour in both directions.

Currently, the Taipa Line, the only one operating, is carrying around 11,600 passengers per day on average (June 2024).

About one month ago, the Public Works Bureau announced the completion of the construction of the Seac Pai Van Line which has been undergoing operational testing since May.

As yet there is no exact date for the opening to the public of any of the lines.

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