Bus connections between Macau and HK airport offer eight new timetable options

The number of direct bus services connecting Macau and Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) has increased by eight new schedules (four in each direction), operator Macau HK Airport

Chinese transportation app makes its debut on HKSE

A Chinese mobile transportation app has made its debut on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, marking the first stock in autonomous driving operation technology.

DSAT: Summer roadworks to affect traffic

The large amount of roadwork taking place over the summer holidays is expected to have a substantially negative impact on traffic flow, particularly in the Areia

Macau anticipated to mirror Hong Kong’s steps in regulating ride-hailing services

The local community is expecting Macau to follow in Hong Kong’s footsteps by regulating online ride-hailing platforms through licensing – a move that has long been

LRT company expects passenger increase with the opening of two new lines

The Macao Light Rapid Transit Corporation, Limited (LRT Company) believes that the number of passengers using this transport system will increase after the opening of the

Businesses positive about Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge

As the highly anticipated Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge opened Sunday for trial operations, businesses in Macau are optimistic about potential benefits of the new cross-sea passage.

DSAT to evaluate taxi services

In a move to address the ongoing taxi shortage in Macau, the city’s Transport Bureau (DSAT) has announced plans to launch a comprehensive study this year,

LRT passenger numbers continue to decline

The number of passengers transported by the Light Rapid Transit System (LRT) is continuing to decline, the company’s monthly statistical data release shows. According

Macau Bridge expected to be ready for traffic in Q3

The construction of the city’s fourth bridge, Macau Bridge, is nearing completion, with the overall project essentially finalized and subsequent commissioning, acceptance, and handover work proceeding

Lawmaker Ron Lam leads push for ride-hailing services

Macau's taxi system has long been criticized for its outdated technology and unreliable services. Unlike neighboring Hong Kong and mainland China, Macau has yet to

Tourists unimpressed with LRT service, offer suggestions for improvements

Visitors to Macau are dissatisfied with the Light Rapid Transit (LRT) system, the Times learned from several interviewees, and cited operational flaws and significant room

LRT passengers dropping

The number of passengers transported by the Light Rapid Transit (LRT) has dropped once again in May this year. According to a statistic released by the

Expanded jurisdiction facilitates light rail project

In a move to bolster its transportation infrastructure, the Macau government has received approval from the State Council to extend the city’s jurisdiction to a

Public buses undergo adjustments as passengers increase in Q1

Bus operator Transmac recorded an average of 300,000 passengers per day in the first quarter of this year, representing a 4% increase compared to the same

Light rail company urges MTR Macau to handle labor issues

The Macao LRT Corporation, Limited (MLM) issued a statement saying it has asked the MTR Railway Operations (Macau) Company Limited to address labor concerns with its contracted workers

New calls for better bus route arrangements

The unreasonable arrangement of bus routes in Macau is a problem of utmost importance and should be handled as a priority, a new traffic concern group

Gov’t places order for LRT East line infrastructure with Mitsubishi

The government has placed an order with the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) for the Automated Guideway Transit (AGT) System for the Light Rapid Transit (LRT) East

LRT East Line train system contract awarded to three companies

Macau authorities have awarded a contract worth MOP3.657 billion to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Top Builders, and Hou Chon Consortium to operate the system for the East Line of

LRT to operate overnight on CNY’s Eve

To cope with the expected rise in passenger flow during the upcoming festival, the Light Rapid Transit (LRT) service announced yesterday it would offer overnight services

New taxi surcharge starts today

Taxi passengers will now face a fee of MOP21 for the initial 1,600 meters of their journeys, following proposals lobbied by taxi groups.

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