Macao Creative Pavilion to promote culinary culture in Shenzhen

The Cultural Affairs Bureau and the Cultural Industries Fund of the Macau SAR Government are jointly hosting the Macao Creative Pavilion at the 15th China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industries Fair (ICIF), starting today and running until May 20. The aim of the pavilion, according to the two government entities, is to promote the creative and culinary culture of Macau.

The pavilion, themed “Macao creativity: gastronomy and community creativity”, is located in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area Cultural Industries Hall with a total area of 180 square meters.

According to the Cultural Affairs Bureau, the Macao Creative Pavilion, modelled on the Macao Light Festival, “reflects the glamor of the city and the distinctive appeal of the various cultural and creative entities.”

The pavilion uses a house-shaped timber structure to separate itself as a distinct cultural and creative factory for viewers to enjoy. On the wall are a variety of hand-drawn designs related to Macau’s cultural and creative industries, such as creative gastronomy and handicrafts.

Participating in the fair this year are seven cultural and creative companies which have revamped their branding under the support of the Special Subsidy Program for the Cultural and Creative Community launched by the Cultural Industries Fund. The companies, namely Tai Long Fong Casa de Cha, U Bo Wo Chinese Herbal Tea, Veng Heng Cheong Joss- stick Shop, Restaurant Fok Lam Seng, Dumpling Town, Golden Mix Dessert and San Song Song Pork Ball, will promote culinary culture and distinctive local flavors of Macau through the ICIF platform.

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