Macao Orchestra kicks off tour of Portuguese cities

The Macao Orchestra (OM) has kicked off its 2019 tour of Portugal, featuring performances in four cities including Évora, Coimbra, Portalegre and Lisbon.
According to a statement issued by the Cultural Affairs Bureau (IC), the tour will be led by music director and principal conductor Lu Jia, in collaboration with German-born Korean violinist Clara-Jumi Kang, presenting three classical works.
The orchestra will play Dvořák’s Carnival Overture, Jean Sibelius’ Violin Concerto in D minor and Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No.5 in E minor.
On the second stop of the tour in Coimbra, OM will perform with Orquestra Clássica de Coimbra; while on their third stop in Portalegre, OM will participate in the Marvão International Music Festival with different music groups.
On their last stop in Lisbon, the orchestra will perform at Festival TODOS, drawing the tour to a finale.
“The tour will further deepen the artistic exchanges and cooperation between Macau and Portugal,” the IC said in a statement.
“Through Chinese and Western classics from the ancient and modern period, OM seeks to present the cultural and artistic appeal of Macau to Portuguese audiences and promote Sino-Lusophone cultural exchange,” the bureau added.
Meanwhile, with a dedicated repertoire in German and Austrian symphonic works, the orchestra pledged that it would continue to adhere to its performing style, striving to promote the development of classical music in the city.
The tour is also a part of celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Portugal. LV

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