Macau Design Center kicks off exhibition of past works

The “Designing the Future” exhibition was officially inaugurated yesterday at the Macau Design Center, featuring works and retail items by local artists and artists from neighboring regions.

The exhibition showcases the projects and achievements of the center over the past few years.

The exhibition features six different areas, including “A Light Chaser – Marvelous Exhibition of Vincent van Gogh,” “Taiwan & Macau International Designers Creative Exchange Project,” “Macao Light Festival 2017,” “Keith Haring Maze Macao” and “The Moment Tourbillon Watch.”   

These projects were designed by local design teams using projection mapping techniques and augmented reality technology.

For the “Taiwan & Macau International Designers Creative Exchange Project,” the center invited Taiwanese artists to come to the region to create a series of different items based on their experience in Macau.

Likewise, local artists were also given the opportunity to visit Taiwan and create retail items.

“The design industry is not popular, so we need to showcase what we did last year and share that design can change our daily lives,” said a representative of the center.

For the “Specific Program of Financial Support for Cultural Creativity in Community Neighbors” exhibition, the center showcased how it re-created five local stores that have been established in the city for over eight years.

The designers were asked to integrate culture and design to rebrand the stores’ designs and products. The rebranding project will end this month.

The “Designing the Future” exhibition is open from Tuesday to Sunday. LV

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