Macau designer creates Adobe InDesign 2022 cover image

A Macau design company has been invited to design the cover image for the 2022 version of Adobe InDesign.
It is the first time a Macau designer has collaborated with Adobe.
Adobe is the global app maker behind various graphic and video design products, such as the famous Photoshop and Acrobat, as well as Premiere, the brand’s video editing app. About 77 million users actively use products made by Adobe.
InDesign is a professional graphic design and processing software with a focus on printed works. It services layout and design needs, and is popular for work on books, posters and product catalogs.
A statement from Untitled Macao, the design house winning the honor, noted that the collaboration was due to an invitation from Adobe.
According to Au Chon Hin, the designer of the graphic, the colorful design was initially inspired by DNA.
“The InDesign is like the DNA of each design made using the software,” Au said in the statement. “But with imagination and creativity, a designer can create graphics with their distinctive styles and elements,” he added.
The graphic includes a series of elements present in several Adobe products, such as the crop mark, the assistive lines and function board.
In an interview with the Times, Au stressed that he considers this occasion a signal to the world that Macau designers can create works that have both artistic and commercial value.
Discussing the collaboration, another local graphic designer who requested to remain anonymous told the Times that he does not find the collaboration a matter of surprise.
“Many of their works on Adobe Behance has garnered a featured position issued by Adobe,” the designer said.
Adobe Behance is a professional social media network for designers. It can be understood as the LinkedIn exclusively for designers. AL

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