Macau expresses support for HK national security law

The government of the Macau SAR has come out in staunch support of the national security legislation passed by the Central Government on the mainland (see more on p6-7).
A statement issued yesterday by Macau’s Government Information Bureau argued that, in formulating the legislation, the central authorities had “respect[ed] Hong Kong’s enjoyment of a high degree of autonomy and the fundamental rights and freedoms of its citizens.”
The local government also said that the legislation reinforced the “long-term successful implementation of the ‘One country, two systems’ principle.”
“Safeguarding national security is a core element for ensuring the country’s prolonged stability, and the long-
term stability and prosperity of its two SARs. Such a task is both a duty and responsibility of all citizens across the nation, including those in Hong Kong and Macau,” the government said in the statement. “[These] are essential duties to ensuring successful implementation of the ‘One country, two systems’ principle.”
Macau passed its own national security legislation in 2009. In 2018, Macau set up a committee to safeguard national security, and to coordinate and enforce local initiatives relating to national security.
According to yesterday’s statement, the Macau SAR will continue to build on local legislation concerning the safeguarding of national security, while stepping up promotional effort within the community on the matter. Meanwhile, Macau will work closely with Hong Kong regarding the enhancement of enforcement mechanisms relating to national security.

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