Macau to host up to seven National Games sports events in 2025

As a co-host of the 2025 China National Games, Macau will hold six to seven sports events during the games, the president of Sports Bureau (ID) Pun Weng Kun said on Friday at the sidelines of the 2022 MGM Macao International Regatta event.

According to Pun, it is unclear what roster of sports events will be hosted in Macau. However, ongoing analysis will take into account the situation of the Macau athletes and the sports events which are more represented and popular in Macau, including the tastes of locals and tourists.

“One of the concerns is whether the sports events [to be hosted in Macau] are popular among the residents and tourists. This is because we want to make use of the opportunity of co-organizing the National Games to attract more visitors so we can boost the local economy,” Pun said, adding that this will be a significant factor weighing on the final decision.

According to the official, this decision will be made this year. The three-sided organizing committee of Macau, Hong Kong, and Guangdong province are discussing details to prepare necessary updates and venue upgrades for hosting the competition.

On the topic, the president of ID also stated that, while most of the local sports venues will undergo some upgrade to their equipment and facilities, this upgrade will be done in a phased manner so as to not halt the operation of the local sports venues.

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