Spring Festival Golden Week

Macau wraps up with 1.5 million visitors in 10-day CNY

Following a 10-day Spring Festival (CNY) Golden Week that included the Lunar New Year’s Eve and the Sunday after the Golden Week, the earlier forecast by the Public Security Police Force (PSP) turned out to be the most accurate.

According to the PSP, it was expected border movements would reach between 5.5 to 6 million over the 10 days of the CNY holidays from Feb. 9 to 18, which eventuated yesterday and which was shown in yesterday’s final figures.

According to the figures released for the 10 days, 5,833,510 border movements were recorded.

From these, over 3 million were movements related to visitors’ entry and exit, with total visitor entries reaching 1,524,823.

During the same period, the PSP recorded 876,987 departures of Macau residents and the entry of some 911,939, totaling 1,788,926 border movements, i.e., 30.67% of all border movements registered in this season.

As expected, the busiest border post was the Border Gate accounting for 1.16 million crossings.

It was followed by the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge (HZMB) Post with over 700,000.

The border post with the third largest movement was the Macau Port Area at Hengqin Port, which recorded 457,233 crossings.

The majority of those arriving from Hong Kong have done so via the HZMB (181,452).

For those taking the Ferry, the preferred route was the Taipa Ferry Terminal (36,306).

Those traveling from Hong Kong by ferry who arrived at the Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal surpassed 25,000.

Foreign visitors arrived mostly via the HZMB (34,090), followed by the Macau International Airport (11,343) and the Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal (11,770).

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