Mainland netizens praise Macau patriotism after rejected protest

Chinese social media users have expressed their opinions on the “patriotism” of the Macau people and their “excellence” in youth education after the demonstration concerning Hong Kong police was refused by the Public Security Police Force. The comments were made in contrast with the unfolding events in Hong Kong.

First, the mainland’s People’s Daily published a post on its Weibo account, seeming to attribute the patriotic spirit of the Macau youth to the fact that the city uses the same history textbooks as the Chinese mainland.

The post was met with a warm reception from the approved posts on the Weibo platform.

“Macau, the filial child, you deserve to make more money,” one comment reads, using a popular reference for the two Special Administrative Regions.

Another Weibo account posted in relation to the demonstration, “Hong Kong trash youngsters want to drag Macau to hell but were rejected by Macau compatriots. […] Macau people love the country very much.”

“If anybody dares to illegally hold a demonstration, I am sure that they will be beaten up by Macau residents,” another comment reads.

“Both birthed by the same mother, Macau is a sweet kid,” reads another.

“Honestly, I always hear about Hong Kong independence, Taiwan independence, but I have never heard of Macau independence. It means that Macau saw through everything and knows what it wants,” one netizen writes. JZ

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