Mainland real estate agent fakes report to police authority

A 27-year-old self-proclaimed real estate agent from the mainland filed a fake report about a robbery to the police authority.
On January 4, security at a Cotai casino reported to the Public Security Police Force (PSP) that a customer was claiming to have been robbed inside a casino hotel guestroom. The alleged victim, or the suspect, told the PSP he had won some money gambling and had decided to exchange his winnings into another currency, inviting a money exchanger to his hotel room.
He said that the money exchanger stole a total of 800,000 Hong Kong dollars from him inside the hotel room.
A police investigation revealed that the self-proclaimed victim had fabricated the story about the money exchanger, as well as the stories about meeting in the casino and the guestroom. In fact, the robbery never even occurred.
It turned out that the man had lost 600,000 Hong Kong dollars gambling. Believing he would not be able to explain the loss upon his return to mainland China, he invented the story as an excuse. JZ

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