Mak Soi Kun wants surveillance to cover city

Lawmaker Mak Soi Kun has once again asked the local government to build a surveillance system – dubbed “Sky Net” – to cover the whole city, according to his latest interpellation to the local government.
In Mak’s opinion, a “Sky Net” consisting of a full coverage network of CCTV surveillance cameras over the entire city would better protect local residents’ lives and their property.
Mak has repeatedly proposed such a surveillance system in the past.
By 2020, the security authority will have installed a total of 1,620 surveillance cameras across town. The authority has named the system “Sky Eyes.”
Mak asked the government about a timetable to update the Sky Eyes system into a Sky Net system.
“The environment at home and abroad is changing rapidly. Although the security authority has expressed a high degree of vigilance, criminal tactics are always one step ahead,” Mak wrote.
He further cited news reports from India and the U.S. to testify that facial recognition technology can effectively help police authorities arrest criminals.
Previously, the security authority revealed a plan to equip cameras with facial and car plate recognition technology, a measure that Mak praised. JZ

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