Briefs | Man arrested for sexually harassing daughter

A 47-year-old local man was arrested for having sexually harassing his 20-year-old daughter, the Judiciary Police reported yesterday. The man is currently unemployed and divorced his wife two years ago. Before his arrest, he lived with his three daughters in an apartment located in the northern district. According to the PJ, the man first harassed one of his daughters in their apartment, and later sent a video of himself naked to her. On the same day, the victim sought help from the Social Affairs Bureau. The man will now face a maximum sentence of ten years and eight months in jail.

Supermarkets sold unquarantined canned food

Five supermarkets were detected selling unquarantined canned food, the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau (IACM) reported on Tuesday. On Monday, IACM carried out a surprise inspection at several food suppliers across all districts. During the inspection, five supermarkets, each from a different supermarket chain, including Goodmart, Taifung, Leefong, Royal Supermarket, and San Miu Supermarket, were found selling unquarantined canned food. In total, IACM seized 551 items, all from the same supplier. Authorities will impose a penalty ranging between MOP50,000 and MOP600,000 on the supplier.

IAS to operate additional Rehabus vehicles to help disabled

Starting from December 15, the Social Affairs Bureau, together with Macau Caritas and Macau Red Cross, will launch more Rehabus vehicles to transport people with disabilities from their residences to medical centers. Currently, the three entities operate ten Rehabus vehicles, but the service requires an advanced appointment. In December, the number of buses will be increased to thirteen vehicles, running every hour from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., without requiring a previous appointment. The bigger bus can accommodate a maximum of five passengers. The smaller bus can accommodate four passengers.

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