Man curses at Transmac workers after barred from boarding bus


A man reportedly cursed at workers of bus operator Transmac after he was not allowed to board a bus, according to a report by public broadcaster TDM. The man was not wearing a facemask when he attempted to board a bus. In coordination with government measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the passenger was informed he could not board. After being refused, he cursed Transmac workers at the bus stop. Transmac has already reported the case to the police authority. This is not the first case where people will have to face the consequences of issues related to facemasks. Earlier this month, one local resident spat over a pile of 300 facemasks at a hygiene center due to his dissatisfaction with their quality.

Smaller buses to compensate for passenger reduction

From yesterday, the Transport Bureau (DSAT) has reduced the size of seven bus lines in response to the reduction in the number of passengers. The seven lines include 72, 9A, 4 and 39, which are operated by bus company Transmac. According to Transmac, route 9A currently has an average of 27 passengers for each headway, while route 72 only has 12. The three other lines are 50B, 71 and MT1, which are run by bus operator TCM. TCM will continue using the current bus size but will request compensation from the government. TCM has reduced the bus frequency by over 50%, while passenger numbers have decreased by 70%.

Urban renewal company likely to pay for Hengqin project

The city’s urban renewal company is likely to pay for a residential development project in Hengqin designed to accommodate Macau residents, according to the latest amendment of the urban renewal company. Yesterday, the Executive Council completed the discussion on the amendment, which suggests that the Zhuhai government will use a piece of land to develop a project named the Macau New Community in Hengqin. The Macau government proposed to its Zhuhai counterpart that the project should be developed by Macau’s urban renewal company. The project will reportedly occupy an area of 180,000 square meters, where 3,800 residential units will be built for exclusive sale to Macau residents.

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