Man sentenced to 6 years jail for multiple counts of rape

A man has been sentenced to six years’ imprisonment by a local court for multiple counts of rape and indecent acts with a minor.

The court deemed the arguments of the Public Prosecution Office valid. The Office had accused the then-suspect, surnamed Ieong, of raping one female victim while he was of free, voluntary and conscious mind.

In a second incident, Ieong had sexual intercourse with an underage female. The Office determined that Ieong had taken advantage of the victim’s naivety.

In its judgement of the cases, the court pointed out that although the two victims knew each other, it did not see any indication that the two had colluded or falsely accused Ieong. It did note however, that the first victim had not reported the case immediately after the incident occurred.

According to the first victim’s statement, the sex with Ieong was nonconsensual. She tried resisting and even cried, but he restrained her hands and violently raped her.

The second victim told both judicial authorities that her first encounter with Ieong was nonconsensual. The two of them went on to develop a relationship and the subsequent encounters were consensual.

However, Ieong did not use a condom as he claimed had a problem with his reproductive system and was infertile. AL

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