Melco co-organizes program on women’s mental wellness

The Women’s General Association of Macau and Melco Resorts & Entertainment co-organized an inauguration ceremony for the “Feel Better – Women’s Personal Development and Support Program” followed by a mental wellness seminar yesterday.
The program aims to provide citizens with a range of psychological counseling and assistance through various emotional wellness support services.
Akiko Takahashi, executive vice president and chief of staff to chairman and CEO of Melco Resorts & Entertainment, said, “Melco has collaborated with the Women’s General Association of Macau for many years. […] Abundant social resources are also of huge importance. We believe that the program will provide a professional platform of communications to help the community feel better.
“Since the company’s inception, Melco has focused on initiatives for women and furthering gender equality at all levels to support diversity and inclusion. […] We strive to continue developing targeted initiatives to help all members of the community live well and feel better,” the executive added.

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