Melco launches networking group to encourage connectivity

Melco Resorts & Entertainment recently announced the launch of the “Melco Mentoring and Networking Group” as part of its commitment to Whole Person Development for colleagues.
The company has established a dedicated committee to organize a series of events over the coming months, including internal and external speaker workshops, mentoring programs and networking activities, the gaming operator said in a statement.
The initiative’s objective is to promote and encourage connectivity as well as assisting the establishment of long-term relationships and the cultivation of a community within Melco.
Akiko Takahashi, executive vice president and chief of staff to chairman & CEO of Melco, said, “In our role as an equal opportunity employer and active promoter of  Whole Person Development philosophy, the newly launched ‘Melco Mentoring and Networking Group’ seeks the participation of all colleagues to learn more about unique perspectives and challenges faced in their careers and work life.”

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