Melco promotes physical and mental wellness through Reach! athlete nurturing program

In alignment with the Macao SAR government’s emphasis on promoting physical and mental wellbeing, Melco Resorts & Entertainment has developed and launched its Reach! athlete nurturing program to encourage colleagues to adopt healthier and more active lifestyles.

With the aim to inspire colleagues of all fitness levels to maximize their full potential in sports and physical activities, including through the provision of training support and resources such as the supply of facilities, venues and sports medicine, the program also helps colleagues who are engaged in competitive sports achieve their best possible results.

Speaking about the program, Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff to Melco Chairman & CEO, Ms. Akiko Takahashi, said, “Physical wellbeing contributes to mental wellness. Melco’s Reach! program supports colleagues in the achievement of their personal best in sports and physical fitness, whether they are competitive athletes or those simply looking to optimize their physical best.”

Reach! team member and winner of 2022 Macau Cycling Road Race – 5th Round’s three category races Mr. Miguel Kok, Investigations, said, “Since joining the company nine years ago I have been training every day after work. What started off as a hobby developed into an essential part of my life. It became my ambition to take part in large-scale competitions and races. To help me attain the best possible results, my manager and colleagues have been immensely supportive. For example, when I was required to attend training sessions in various travel locations for the 2018 Asian Games, they were so supportive and accommodating. While an athlete’s success is often made possible through the support of family, friends and teammates, in my case, I have been fortunate enough also to have the support of my company to enable my dream chasing.”

Leader of the Reach! Amazing team, who were named the Champion team of 2022 Macau Obstacle Challenge’s Team competition, Mr. Alex Kuok of Table Games, said, “I am thrilled and honored to be part of the Melco Reach! team. Joining the team has enabled me to achieve my first ever champion award. Coach is professional and attentive, helping us understand the challenges and safety needs of each segment, as well as designating team members within the race according to their strengths. Our success has been thanks to coach’s on-day support, including pre-game planning, strategic analysis and general guidance. Not only have I met great teammates and friends through the competition, but I have also met my best self.”

Ms. Xiang Guan of Table Games, 4th Runner-up of 2022 Macao International Marathon’s Women’s Competition, added, “I have been running for at least an hour each day regardless of my shift duty arrangements, be it squeezing in the time before or after work. Determination is key. I am glad to receive professional advice through the Reach! program, because training with professional coaches and learning to improve posture has greatly enhanced my core strength. It’s a wonderful learning opportunity and chance to excel.”

Mr. David Sisk, Chief Operating Officer of Macau Resorts, Melco, said, “We are pleased to have developed this new Reach! athlete nurturing program, as staying active through physical fitness and training is truly a great thing for both the mind and body. I invite all colleagues to join the program in the pursuit of one’s personal best.”


Recent achievements:


Miguel Kok, Investigations
2022 Macau Cycling Road Race – 5th Round
Champion: Individual Time Trial – Elite
Champion: Mountain Bike Race – Open
Champion: Macau Cycling Champion – Elite


Next Leung, Table Games
2022 Macao Water Run
3rd Runner-up: 10KM Challenge


Reach! Amazing team Alex Kuok, Table Games; Keith Cheang, Transportation; and Nini Liu, Public Relations 2022 Macau Obstacle Challenge Champion: Team Challenge


Reach! Brilliant team
Next Leung, Table Games; Xiang Guan,
Table Games; and Nick Chio, Table Games
2022 Macau Obstacle Challenge
2nd Runner-Up: Team Challenge
Day Leong, Table Games
2022 Macau Obstacle Challenge
6th Runner-Up: Men’s – Individuals
Sailor Moon Lo, Table Games
2022 Macau Obstacle Challenge
8th Runner-Up: Men’s – Individuals


Xiang Guan, Table Games
2022 Macao International Marathon
4th Runner-up: Women’s Competition







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