Melco shows support for local SMEs in times of crisis

Melco Resorts & Entertainment mounted an event yesterday in a bid to provide and call for support to the city’s small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
Over 170 local SMEs attended the event, where they will be given an opportunity to showcase their products and services in the business matching session.
In times of health crisis, economic diversification has become all the more important. Through the event, Melco wished to support local SMEs, especially those who engage in new industries of local production and manufacturing.
The gaming operator set its sights on generating new business opportunities for local SME suppliers. “We look forward to working with Macau’s design talent, our community partners, associations, local suppliers & manufacturers on current and future projects as we work together to contribute to Macau’s diversified development,” said Geoffrey Stuart Davis, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Melco.

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