Melco to pay CNY bonus today

Melco Resorts & Entertainment yesterday announced that a one-month discretionary bonus will be paid to all eligible non-management employees today.

As cited in a press release, Lawrence Ho, chairman and CEO of Melco Resorts & Entertainment, said, “ahead of the Chinese New Year, we are pleased to announce a discretionary bonus in recognition of our eligible non-management colleagues’ hard work, loyalty and dedication to the company throughout the past twelve months.”

The gaming operator did not specify what proportion of its team members would benefit from the discretionary bonus.

The firm is the fifth casino operator to announce a bonus equivalent to one months’ salary following the latest announcement on Monday of MGM Macau’s distribution of its Chinese New Year bonus, which benefits 97% of its workforce.

Usually, gaming operators announce their discretionary bonuses to staff members before the Chinese New Year. In recent years during July and August, some casino operators have also offered a second bonus that is also equal to one-month pay.

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