Unleashing Barra’s Cultural Tourism Allure Leading Modern Lifestyle Trends

MGM Brings Art of Living into Barra

A group photo of senior citizens, pupils, and artists who participated in creating murals, taken alongside the artist groups of the “2024 Macao International Parade”.

MGM has organized a variety of activities, including art exhibitions, flower and mixology workshops, and busking performances, within Barra district since the start of 2024 – in a bid to implement the concept of “Living Art in Style” into the area, and highlight its diversity and inclusivity. To unleash further potential of Barra district, MGM strives to introduce a wide range of art forms there. This involves inviting local pupils and senior citizens to jointly create artworks and thus foster connections between generations through art. In addition, MGM has taken the “2024 Macao International Parade” as an opportunity to officially launch the Barra District Revitalization Series – “The Barra ARTivation” today (March 21). Through the power of culture and tourism, MGM aims to inject contemporary, trendy, artistic, and lifestyle elements into Barra and drive the continuous development of the district. The series event consists of a parade by art groups, murals, a floral art exhibition, and a historical photography exhibition, enticing residents and visitors to experience the district’s cultural and tourist appeal.

MGM has invited senior citizens to create a large-scale artwork that aims to enhance the entire community’s visual appeal.

Barra stands as the origin of Macau’s fusion of Chinese and Western cultures. “The Barra ARTivation” features a 64-meter-long mural, co-created by local street artist AAFK and over 150 local pupils and senior citizens, located in front of Navy Yard No. 2. The mural bears an eclectic theme of “Colors of Macau”, encompassing the city’s quintessential diverse cultures, backgrounds and viewpoints. It is a crowd-pleasing massive artwork made out of community efforts using a simple painting method, which is also conducive to beautifying Barra District. The artwork will be displayed to the public during the Easter holidays. The mural’s vibrant colors and unique motifs will make it a popular photo spot in Macau for both locals and tourists. Furthermore, the event also features performances by six artist groups of the “2024 Macao International Parade”, hailing from Shenzhen, Portugal, the UK, Spain, and Mozambique. They delivered a separate show within the Barra community, highlighting the merging of Barra and Western cultures to accentuate Barra District’s diversity.

Floral design is a typical form of art in life. During the event’s opening day, MGM has invited floral designers to not only perform floral arrangements at Navy Yard No. 2, but also share their flower knowledge with the participants. The Association of Macau Floral Culture has also delivered a floral art certificate course onsite. In addition, the “Reminiscences of Barra: A Visual Journey Archives and Arts Exhibition”, co-organized by MGM and the Cultural Affairs Bureau (ICM), and co-hosted by the Macao Cultural Development Promotion Association, renews its exhibition contents by displaying extra historical photos related to Barra. As such, the public can follow the historical development of Barra district through the lens of photographers, further promoting the public’s anticipation of the future development of the district.

MGM is committed to leveraging its cultural tourism advantages and collaborating with various partners to tap into the unique World Heritage resources to further revitalize Barra district. MGM offers a variety of experiences, including art exhibitions, cultural events, sales of cultural and creative products, and café, allowing the public to immerse in the district’s historical and cultural essence. Coupled with the Barra Public Transport Interchange and the MGM “Macau Cruise” sightseeing cruise, MGM aims to open up cultural and historical walking routes and attractions between Macau and Coloane, showcasing the innovative synergy of “culture + tourism + sightseeing + transportation”.


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