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MGM is presenting Hua Yuan at MGM COTAI to tell the story of its roots in the art of ink reinvented by advanced technology. Unleashing creativity and embracing the diversity of art and entertainment, Hua Yuan stimulates mutual exchange and interaction between the public and art.

The year 2019 marks a double celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Establishment of the People’s Republic of China and the 20th anniversary of the Establishment of Macau SAR. Through Hua Yuan, the essence of Chinese culture and art is preserved and progressed, allowing the public to experience the beauty of ink and wonder at its possibilities.

Journey to the Dark II, Yang Yongliang

A Meta-morphosis: No End to End, Jennifer Wen Ma

Co-curated by Ms. Miriam Sun, Executive Director of the Shanghai Museum of Con-temporary Art and MGM, Hua Yuan is among the highlights of Art Macao: International Art Exhibition. With the commissioned artworks of two contemporary artists, it unlocks a root-seeking journey in the art of ink painting. In Journey to the Dark II, Yang Yongliang harnesses technology and videography in a time lapse of Macau, and makes his breakthrough in digital art. Projected onto the 28-million-pixel screen in the MGM Theater, his artwork redefines traditional Chinese screen painting.

Meanwhile, Jennifer Wen Ma uses the intrinsic connectivity and diversity of ink to present A Metamorphosis: No End to End, a large-scale immersive multimedia and art installation at the MGM COTAI Spectacle. Comprised of three garden landscapes, there are hints of color on the traditional black-and-white ink layout. Coupled with the use of laser technology and the art of the Chinese paper flower, the installation brings the natural, sculptural and virtual textures together to demonstrate the versatility of ink. At the end of August, MGM Theater also stage Paradise Interrupted, another ink rendition reinterpreted as a kun-qu-inspired installation opera in one act.

“As Macau is pressing ahead with establishing itself as a base for multicultural exchanges and cooperation with an emphasis on Chinese culture, Hua Yuan presents a modern artistic ink experience, which is an integral part of the Chinese cultural legacy. We have invited two talented Chinese artists to create an extraordinary art experience by using MGM Theater and the Spectacle as canvases to realize the reinterpretation of ‘ink painting’, giving arts and culture an interactive edge and at the same time, passing on the Chinese cultural heritage,” said Ms. Pansy Ho, Co-Chairperson & Executive Director of MGM China Holdings Limited.

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