MGM inaugurates second edition of High School Diploma Program

65 aspiring team members on-board for a ‘new learning journey’

MGM has launched the second edition of its High School Diploma Program for 65 “spirited learners,” the company announced in a press release yesterday.
In the announcement, MGM says it is dedicated to “promoting lifelong learning among its team members, [and] strives to provide a diverse range of training and opportunities, in view of helping [participants] unlock new achievements and career advancement.”
In 2016, MGM launched the continuing education scheme, designed to let employees attain their secondary school diplomas while working.
The first edition of the program helped 41 employees to attain their middle and high school diplomas, with seven of them advancing to university.
The program is fully supported by the gaming and hospitality operator.
With a proven track record for the program, this year sees MGM partner with Escola Seong Fan da Associação Comercial de Macau (Macao Chamber of Commerce), with the support of the Education and Youth Development Bureau (DSEDJ), to offer the high school curriculum to 65 employees from seven departments.
To assist workers with their studies, MGM hosts classes taught by the school’s teachers at its properties, “and the relevant departments … re-arrange their rosters to fit in [with] class schedules.”
The government “strives to promote continuing education which benefits all Macau residents. It is not easy for an employee to engage in study during leisure time. But thanks to the strong backing of MGM, its team members can enjoy a smooth learning journey,” said Wong Ka Ki, Head of the Department of Non-tertiary Education of the DSEDJ.
Cheang Hong Kuong, Principal of Escola Seong Fan, remarked that “the program embodies a great accomplishment achieved by the synergy between DSEDJ, MGM and our school.”

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