MGM introduces new exhibition to revitalize Barra district

MGM China is unveiling a new exhibition to further revitalize Barra district and offer tourists a distinctive experience amid evolving trends in the city’s tourism market.

The current trend among tourists is to seek unique experiences, reflecting a change in the market compared to a decade ago. The question is whether such revitalization efforts and new offerings in Macau will allow tourists to have these desired experiences.

For the gaming operator, MGM is focusing on creating unique experiences to attract tourists as part of its promise to local government.

As a pledge to the local government following the granting of a 10-year casino concessionaire last year, all six gaming operators are required to boost their non-gaming spending, with each operator handling an area of revitalization to spur traffic and spending.

Catarina Lio, senior vice president of MGM China’s Brand Marketing

Currently, MGM is partnering with local small and medium-sized food service businesses at Navy Yard No. 2 to operate food trucks offering snacks “aiming to promote local delicacies, open up new opportunities for these businesses, and make the district more vibrant.”

The gaming operator is in charge of transforming 10 buildings at the site within the stipulated years of its gaming license.

Questioned by the Times regarding its long-term goals, Catarina Lio, senior vice president of Brand Marketing of MGM China, said that the group’s ambition is to extend its projects “on a larger scale moving forward to create a more interesting market direction here.”

The revitalization extended beyond the exhibition halls. Art murals by local artists have also adorned the once-dull walls of buildings, injecting color and creativity into the urban landscape, which is a key objective of the initiative.

“We want this neighborhood to be considered when tourists come over. It will help Macau to attract more tourists if there are more things to do and they will be more likely to spend,” said Lio.

“We want them to enjoy themselves in different neighborhood district,” the executive added.

Yesterday, MGM held a media tour to the ongoing “Into the World of Wuxia Legends: Jin Yong Wuxia Drama Costumes and Weapons Exhibition at Barra,” featuring costumes and a collection of lifelike props from renowned works such as “Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber,” and the “Condor” from The Condor Heroes 95.

The exhibition includes screenings of TVB Jin Yong drama clips and a pop-up bookstore that sells themed souvenirs, which aims to pass down Jin Yong’s literary classics.

The exhibition seeks to immerse visitors in the world of wuxia and offer an experience that showcases Jin Yong’s tales and the essence of chivalry and pop culture from different perspectives.

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