MGM launches dementia care program

MGM officially announced the launch of its brand new “MGM Dementia Care Program” in a bid to accomplishing the blueprint of a dementia-friendly city with different sectors of the community.
In collaboration with Caritas Macau and various local community associations, the program includes organizing local tours for elderly diagnosed with dementia, as well as compilating a dementia guidebook and other community activities.
The objective of the program is to raise public awareness, so that patients and their caregivers are thoroughly accepted and understood by the society.
Pansy Ho, co-chairperson & executive director of MGM China Holdings Limited, said, “With the aim of further supporting the governmentť’s initiative of ten-year Action Plan for Elderly Services’, MGM continues to partner with different associations to roll out new and innovative social service programs.
“After launching the Macau Assistive Technology Resources Center with UGAMM, this year we take an extra mile by introducing this first new dementia care program to raise awareness in dementia prevention and public acceptance to the illness,” she added.

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