MGM organizes spring cleaning for senior citizens

For the tenth consecutive year, the MGM organized spring cleaning, provided complimentary haircuts, massage and celebrated Chinese New Year with the elderly.
As part of MGM’s effort to send care and festive wishes in the community, the series of caring events benefitted a total of 470 senior citizens.
This year, MGM partnered with a small-to-medium-sized cleaning company to carry on this decade-old tradition at Mong Ha Elderly Center of Macau Federation of Trade Unions (FAOM), Seac Pai Van Family and Community Service Center of General Union of Neighborhood Associations of Macau (UGAMM), and Centro de Dia Brilho da Vida of Caritas Macau. Communal areas such as assembly rooms, activity rooms, dining halls and washrooms, were cleaned and sanitized.
Performances were also held at the three centers. As a token of blessings, MGM presented them with gift bags which contained oatmeal, longevity noodles, pre-packaged Chinese soup, MGM Lunar New Year banners, as well as assistive tools like magnifying nail-clipper.

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