MGM Promotes M-Mark to Stimulate Macau Industrial Transformation

As a keen supporter of “Made in Macau”, MGM believes that encouraging local SMEs in attaining recognition from quality accreditation scheme will help stimulate industrial transformation and its sustainable development, and at the same time an ideal way to diversify the local economy.
Hubert Wang, President & Chief Operating Officer of MGM, said, “Established in September 2018, the Macau Product Quality Certification (M-Mark) has showcased many great local brands and specialty products. In order to tap into the Greater Bay Area (GBA) market, it is crucial for Macau products to maintain high quality. Serving this purpose, M-Mark will set a good quality standard for local products and make “Made in Macau” an assuring reputation to consumers from near and afar.”
With the aim of promoting M-Mark to SMEs, MGM partnered with Industrial Association of Macau and Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center (CPTTM) to visit the Company’s SME vendors. These visits enabled the three parties to learn more about the individual business situation of each SME and propose tailored recommendations to those that are interested in applying M-Mark.

Participation of Portuguese-Speaking Country Product

Last year, MGM and Charlestrong Café Companhia Limitada signed a co-operation agreement, which made MGM the first large enterprise to purchase organic East Timor specialty coffee from Macau’s original brand Café Diliy. This cooperation exemplified how Macau utilizes its position of Commercial and Trade Co-operation Service Platform between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries.
Charles Shi, Chairman of Charlestrong Café Companhia Limitada, said, “MGM’s visit encouraged us to apply for M-Mark, which will benefit us in expanding our business to the local and GBA market. Our factory was opened in mid-2019 and is equipped with a lineup of state-of-the-art equipment which provides us a solid ground for this application. We applied to the scheme a week after the visit and hoping to be M-Mark certified as soon as possible.”
Simon Leong, Executive Director of Purchasing of MGM, said, “It has been a fruitful visit to Charlestrong Café Companhia Limitada, where we were able to provide suggestions regarding to M-Mark application. It would be helpful to Macau in reinforcing its designation as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy if such Portuguese-speaking Country specialty coffee product could bear M-Mark.”

First Local Mask Factory to Apply

At the previous Macao International Trade and Investment Fair, MGM signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Macau enterprise Macaufacture Medical Supplies Limited (MMSL) on its purchase of 300,000 locally produced surgical face masks. As the city’s first large enterprise to collaborate with MMSL, MGM has demonstrated its pledge to support emerging industries in Macau.
Chan Chi Meng, Chairman of MMSL, said, “Established in March 2020, our very local brand ‘853 Face Mask’ has passed the testing standards of various testing bodies in Macau, Mainland, Europe and USA. During the visit by MGM, Industrial Association of Macau and CPTTM, we were informed that it will not be complicated for us to attain M-Mark with our factory’s existing setup and product certifications. We also learnt that it can help to increase our competitiveness by strengthening the ideology of “Made in Macau”, which is going to be an asset in entering the GBA and Mainland markets. We would like to become the first local mask factory certified by M-mark.”

Expands Macau Products to the Mainland

Shuen Ka Hung, Director-General of CPTTM, said, “The series of visits has been rewarding, as we have successfully encouraged more than half of the visited vendors to apply for M-Mark. We hope to visit more of MGM’s vendors and push more of them to enhance their businesses via the scheme. Meanwhile, understanding that the standards of M-Mark could take longer to achieve for some SMEs, CPTTM is here to provide technical assistance to get them acquainted with quality management.”
Lei Si Tai, Vice President of the Industrial Association of Macau, said, “Through the series of M-Mark promotional visits, MGM demonstrated practical supports to the scheme, one that would help upgrading local manufacturing and enhancing Macau’s industry competitiveness. While it would be favorable if large integrated resorts could give priority to the procurement of M-Mark products, our goal is to promote Macau products to the Mainland market through popularizing M-Mark among local enterprises.”

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