MGM to give CNY bonus in two installments

Casino operator MGM will pay a discretionary bonus to eligible non-management employees in two installments. About 90% of its workforce will be eligible for the bonus.
The discretionary bonus is equal to one month’s salary and will be paid in mid-January and early-February 2020, the gaming operator announced in a statement.
Grant Bowie, CEO and executive director of MGM China Holdings Limited, said, “the bonus is our appreciation for and recognition of the hard work of our team members in the past year. We will continue to reinvest in our team members’ development and make MGM the ideal place for locals to grow and develop their careers.”
“2020 is a new beginning; we will welcome the new challenges and opportunities of Macau with an innovative mindset,” he added.
MGM is the fourth casino operator to announce a bonus equivalent to one-month salary this month, following the latest announcement of Wynn Macau’s distribution of a “winter bonus,” which was distributed to 97% of its workforce.
Usually, gaming operators announce their discretionary bonuses to team members before the Chinese New Year. LV

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