MGTO shares ideas for nocturnal tourism

The Macao Government Tourism Office (MGTO) has released the results of its study on nocturnal tourism. Some study participants urge nighttime events should be located away from residential areas, while others expect more diverse tourism products. A representative of an urban development group suggests the government consider holding such tourism events in the future Reclamation Zone B, mainly planned for government offices, which is vacant at night. The head of the Tourism Council used the Ruins of St. Paul’s as an example, saying that it has different views at night, which may be appealing to some tourists.

PJ trained in domestic violence investigation

A professional in dealing with domestic violence cases from the Hong Kong Police Force has been invited by Macau’s Judiciary Police (PJ) to hold a workshop training local investigators on how to better work on such cases. The Hong Kong veteran introduced concerned laws and policies in place in the neighboring SAR, the constitution of investigation, psychological effects on victims, risk evaluation and other aspects. The Domestic Violence Law has been in place for almost three years in Macau. A legally-required review will be conducted in October this year.

FSS adapting to Greater Bay changes

In response to developments in the Greater Bay Area project, Iong Kong Io of the Social Security Fund (FSS) has said that the fund is a member of a work group concerning labor and social security affairs in both Macau and Guangdong. Macau citizens can get their provident fund and disability subsidy at mainland banks, as well as update their alive status in the mainland. The FSS has started to study changing the minimum length of stay in Macau to cope with the fact that more people are now living and working in the Greater Bay Area.

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