Migrant worker seeks compensation following work accident

A migrant worker from the Philippines is seeking compensation after an accident at his work led to the amputation of his leg in October 2018.

As reported by public broadcaster TDM, Raymond Tagacay explained that he was run over by a car driven by his co-worker while washing another car at the shop.

He was one of six who were hit by the car, and the only one who suffered major injuries.

According to Tagacay, he was stuck under the car for an hour.

The migrant worker is also facing a dilemma: his visa will expire on August 10 and he has been informed by the Labour Affairs Bureau that he will not be receiving the last two months of his salary.

Tagacay said that he would prefer to go back home, but is calling to be paid a fair amount of compensation after the incident cost him his leg.

“If I go back to work, I’ll be useless. I only know how to drive, clean a car and [repair cars]. But paper work, it’s hard for me, so it’s better for me [to just go back home.] I’m not begging them for a big amount, I just want what’s right for me,” he told TDM.

Although the insurance company paid his employer back nearly the full amount of his hospital and therapy expenses, Tagacay was not given any compensation.

Meanwhile, the Philippine Overseas Labor Office has said that he could qualify for the benefits given to overseas Filipino workers, despite not signing up for the program due to the absence of a working contract. LV

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