Mobile phone feature film to premiere at Cinematheque Passion

feature film shot fully on mobile phone is to be premiered at Cinematheque Passion on May 24. The film is in 4K resolution and was shot partly in Macau,

“Sea of Mirrors” tells the story of an outdated Japanese actress meeting a lecherous middle-aged male fan in Macau to satisfy her yearning for attention since stepping out of the limelight. However, this causes her daughter to be kidnapped.

Dr. Tan See Kam, professor of film studies at the University of Macau, is the executive producer of the film.

The film is also connected to Macau through 1220 Film Production, a local company, a sales agent and a distributor who has helped promote and sell the film. According to filmmakers, Sea of Mirrors is being submitted to film festivals around the world.

Director Thomas Lim is the film’s writer and producer. He has always wanted to show the film on the big screen and previously said he would prefer that the premiere of Sea of Mirrors be in Macau.

Lim also wants to question the existence of white supremacy in Macau. He said, “the film’s message is simply how foreigners, especially white Americans and Europeans living in Asia, behave like they are celebrities simply because they are white. Is this attention they are receiving in Asia actually worth anything though?”

The filmmaker raises the question through a Japanese actress and protagonist who travels to Macau in the film’s plot, just like “these foreigners who no longer do well in their home country and travel to Macau to feel important again.”

Lim wanted his protagonist to make the audience think about what they actually consider Macau to be.

The production of the film took approximately three years. Besides Macau, it was also shot in Los Angeles. Staff reporter

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