Monetary Authority asks MPay to ‘seriously review’ breakdown

Mobile payment platform MPay, operated by contactless payment card issuer Macau Pass, was ordered by the Monetary Authority of Macao (AMCM) to conduct a “serious review” of the system’s breakdown early last month.
The mobile payment platform experienced a day-long outage. Users were unable to log in, let alone pay or receive or send funds to other people and businesses.
According to a press release issued by the AMCM, it has completed investigations on the incident and concluded that the e-payment service provider “has not analyzed and fully tested its system based on the AMCM guidelines.”
As pointed out by the AMCM, Macau Pass rolled out two new functions simultaneously between late May and early June. The implementation of the new functions overloaded the system, which ultimately led the system to breakdown.
Prior to releasing the new functions, the private company did not conduct a full stress test of its system, nor did it make reasonable arrangements. The AMCM also determined that Macau Pass had not appropriately supervised the capacity of its system, pursuant to two AMCM guidelines.
The private company was not penalized because it has followed up with the affected users. Macau Pass has also conducted a system upgrade which was originally delayed by Covid-19.
The AMCM has ordered Macau Pass to commission a certified third-party professional to assess the safety of its system, and execute the appropriate enhancements. AL

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